Welcome to Empty Shotgun Cartridges

Empty shotgun cartridges are a small family run business based in Cambridgeshire, running for the last 2 years selling empty shotgun cartridges for arts and crafts.
We have a wide selection of colours and amounts ranging from 20-250 cartridges
We will mix colours to your needs or even bigger orders if needed,
Please email us and we will see what we can do for you
Feel free to send us pictures of your arts and craft and we will add them to our gallery
These cartridges are not for reloading !only for arts and craft 

Apparently, spent shotgun shells and arts & crafts are a match made in heaven. A small company in Cambridgeshire selling empty shotgun shell, spent shotgun shell casings. Gun casings are also known as cartridges, cases, shells or cartridge cases. A casing is the metal or plastic cylinder that once contained the projectile part of a bullet. An empty, or spent casing, is harmless. Many gun casings can be reloaded and reshot, however many gun enthusiasts prefer to throw away the spent casings and purchase pre-loaded shells or casings. These spent plastic or metal (often brass) casings can be used to make numerous cylinder-shaped crafts. Things can be made from empty shotgun cartridges like chairs, keyrings, wheel nut covers.